Delft tiles, azulejo panel, majolica tiles….: bibliography

There are numerous specialized books on tiles produced in one specific place or during one period.

We recommand these four recent books because they offer a comprehensive view of the use of ceramic tiles in architecture.

Tile collections of the National Museum of Azulejos

by Joao Castel-Branco Pereira

Editions Chandeigne, Paris, 2009


by Hans van Lemmen

Anthèse, Paris 1997

Azulejos from Portugal

by Rioletta Sabo & Jorge Nuno Falcato
Photographs by Nicolas Lemonnier

Editions Citadelles et Mazenod, Paris 1998

Ceramic in Islamic architecture

by Yves Porter & Gérard Degeorge

Flammarion, Paris 2001

Azulejos gallery

Azulejos, Portuguese tile panels and ceramic borders: some examples.

Delft tiles gallery

Delft tiles and Dutch tile panels: some examples

Renaissance tiles gallery

Renaissance floorings, majolica tiles and grotesque tile panels: some examples

Zellige gallery

Zellige and Moroccan tile flooring: some examples

Islamic tiles gallery

Iznik tiles, Moorish faience, Syrian and Persian panels: some examples

Middle-Ages tiles gallery

Medieval tiles, middle-ages tile floorings, socarrat, encaustic: some examples

Modern tiles gallery

Backsplash, countertop, tile flooring: various contemporary examples

Gallery Art Nouveau

Art nouveau tiles

Apothecary jars & Faiences gallery

Apothecary jars and ceramic tablewares: some examples