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Apothecary jars

Handmade apothecary jars and objects on request

IMAGE GALLERY: examples of our apothecary jars and tableware

The Almaviva studio can manufacture collections of apothecary jars: albarello with cylindrical shape that once was used to store dried herbs, chevrette with handle and beak for pouring syrups, theriac pot, etc. Our replicas of apothecary jars are made on a potter’s wheel, fired a first time, and hand-glazed. The decorations are hand-painted onto the raw unbaked glaze and then fired a second time.

apothicary drug medicine jar Masseot Abaquesne


Delftware apothicary jars

Our atelier is also commissioned to handcraft tablewares: plates, dishes, dinner-services, bowls, cups, tureens, etc.

Using original 18th century moulds, we can also produce copies of various types of ancient pottery: tulip-shaped vase from Delft, Medici vases, candlesticks, ewers, trays, decorative artifacts, etc. The decorations are painted on demand and can be personalized with initials, coats of arms, etc.

tulip vase tulipiere Delft